Regional Transportation Planning, Research, Investment Strategies, and Funding.

FY 2016 UPWP Draft Available for Review
RTC is already looking ahead to Fiscal Year 2016 which begins July 1, 2015, and goes through June 30, 2016. As such, a proposed draft transportation planning work program for FY 2016 is now available for public review. The UPWP is a requirement of a coordinated transportation planning process required by federal and state governments. The RTC Board reviewed the draft document at its April 7 meeting and a final draft will be brought back to seek Board adoption at the Board’s May 5 meeting.
Transportation Alternatives Program Call For Projects
RTC invites all public agencies, transit agencies, schools, and tribal governments in the Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat County region to submit applications for the federal TAP. All projects must be administered by a Certification Acceptance agency, have a 13.5% local match, and include at least one of the qualifying activities as identified in the project information offered here. Eligible activities include pedestrian and bicycle facilities, viewing areas, and environmental remediation. Applications will be due on Friday, April 17, 2015.
County to Upgrade Traffic Signal Technology
RTC’s VAST program continues investment in advanced signal systems countywide. The Vancouver Area Smart Trek Program, managed by RTC, provided funds to Clark County for the Signal Timing, Evaluation, Verification and Enhancement, or STEVE, project. The project will provide the ability for real time traffic management on major urban roadways in the County.
Big Data in Transportation and Urban Planning
RTC’s partnership initiative in planning and deployment of the Portal traffic data archive and analysis tool is highlighted in an industry blog. From the article: “The Urban Planning and Transportation domains are undergoing a major change in data collection and usage. Two major factors contributing to this change are: first, a significant increase in deployment of urban sensors - increases both in the number and type of sensors - and, second, a demand for measuring performance and making decisions based on collected data from those sensors.”
I-205 Access and Operations Study Published
The RTC Board adopted recommendations, in November 2014, to address long- and short-term roadway improvements and transit operations in the I-205 corridor, as well a set of operational policies for regional freeway corridors in the region. They identified a core set of long term capital projects and a set of near term operational improvements for I-205. The analysis, findings and recommendations are described in the I-205 Access and Operations Study Report.
Project Priorities Approved in Advance of 2015 Legislative Session
The RTC Board approved a 10-Year Transportation Project Priorities Report and the Clark County Transportation Alliance (CCTA) 2015-2016 Washington State Legislative Policy Statement at their January 6 meeting. These documents identify priority transportation investments needed within the region over the next decade. The Project Priorities report, published periodically by RTC, represents the regionally endorsed 10-year investment priorities needed to implement the RTP. The CCTA Statement is a multi-agency coalition Call to Action, which urges state legislative action on a comprehensive transportation package to address the region’s highway, roadway, transit, port and freight needs. Collectively, the RTC Board endorses legislative action to invest in the region’s critical transportation infrastructure. RTC will monitor legislative action throughout the 2015 state and federal legislative sessions.
Task Force Forms to Promote Freight and Commerce Projects
The recently organized Southwest Washington Freight and Commerce Task Force (SW-FACT) has officially launched a push with state and federal legislators to advocate for freight and commerce-related project across Clark County. Formed by regional business leaders, and sponsored as a special project by the non-partisan business group Identity Clark County, the Task Force urges decision makers to fund projects that improve the flow of freight and commerce throughout Southwest Washington. RTC has identified regional freight/commerce planning and data collection as a priority work effort for 2015, with the RTC’s Clark County Freight Mobility study serving as the region’s actions strategy for efficient freight mobility in Clark County. In building a partnership with the SW-FACT, RTC has provided project review and technical support services.
Clark County RTP: 2014 Update Adopted
The RTC Board adopted a 2014 update to the Regional Transportation Plan for Clark County (RTP) at its December 2 meeting. The RTP is the long-range, twenty-plus year, transportation plan required by federal and state governments as a pre-condition for receipt of federal and state transportation funding to this region. Adoption of the 2014 Plan concluded a year-long process during which Plan elements, such as regional transportation policies, demographic projections and transportation projects and strategies, were reviewed and updated.
Camas Completes NW 18th Avenue Trail
The City of Camas recently completed an important bike and pedestrian trail on the south side of NW 18th Avenue from NW Beech Street to SE 201st Avenue. The project was constructed using $220,000 in federal Transportation Alternatives Program funds that were awarded by RTC.
Skamania County Bridge Project receives Federal Grant
WSDOT recently awarded $850,845 in federal funds to paint the Hatchery Bridge along the Washougal River Road in Skamania County. The project is scheduled to begin in 2016.
Safety Projects receive $2.7 million in Grants
WSDOT recently awarded federal safety funds to counties in Washington State for engineering countermeasures to reduce fatal and serious injury collisions. Clark County will use approximately $1.8 million for guardrail and other safety improvements along Hayes, Washougal River, and Lockwood Creek Roads. Klickitat County will use approximately $0.9 million for various county-wide safety improvements.
Transportation Projects receive $7.2 million in Grants
Five street improvement projects in SW Washington will receive approximately $7.2 million in grants through the Transportation Improvement Board. Projects include South Parkway Ave. (Battle Ground), NE 99th St. and SR-503 intersection (Clark County), 32nd St. and Evergreen Blvd. intersection (Washougal), and sidewalks along Hwy 99 (Clark County) and SE Evergreen Way (Washougal).
Demographic Report: County Population Diversifying with Steady Growth
Demographers looking at national population data have identified three major trends of note – the population is growing; the population is aging; and the population is becoming more diverse. Theses national trends are playing out here in Clark County as well. To provide a foundation for the update to the Regional Transportation Plan, RTC has published a demographic profile for Clark County.