Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council

Mapping Data


Transportation Analysis Zones
This dataset represents the 665 TAZs within Clark County that serve as the primary geographic unit of analysis in RTC’s regional travel demand forecasting model. They are used to spatially aggregate socioeconomic data related to land use and used as travel model inputs. TAZs also serve as the origins and destinations for travel in the region modeling framework. (Also available as KML.)

Partner Resources

WSDOT GeoData Distribution Catalog
The WSDOT GeoData Distribution Catalog, maintained by the Office of Information Technology, is a centralized distribution site for geographic information system data produced at the Washington State Department of Transportation.
Clark County Digital Data
Keep your data current and comprehensive with a subscription to the Clark County Geographic Information System (CCGIS) Database. CCGIS publishes the Data Libraries in easy-to-use widely compatible formats such Shapefile, DXF, and ArcExport. Data is available through a comprehensive subscription or on a section by section basis. Be sure to visit their Maps Online offering, too, for interactive opportunities using their rich data store.
Oregon Metro RLIS Discovery
View, sort and download GIS map layers for the region. Access web services to incorporate RLIS data for use in your own applications. An RLIS subscription is required to access some of the data. A subscription includes access to additional data layers as well as web services and tools for using the data.