Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council

Project Showcase

NE 10th Avenue, NE 149th St. -NE 154th St

Agency: Clark County
Status: Under Construction
FHWA Aid#: 4201(003)
Project Type: Reconstruction: No Added Capacity
Description: Improve to 3-lane urban standards, with bike lanes and sidewalks.
Termini: NE 149th Street to NE 154th Street
Project Length: 0.25 miles
  Federal Funds Project Cost Schedule Obligation
Preliminary Engineering $1,579,000 January 15, 2017 January 15, 2017
Right of Way $1,398,000 January 15, 2019 January 15, 2019
Construction $3,000,000 $10,557,000 April 15, 2020 August 7, 2020
Total $3,000,000 $13,534,000    

Project Photos

  • Before NE 10th Av. at NE 149th St.
  • Before NE 10th Av. at NE 154th St.
  • Before Looking North
  • Before Looking South

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