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130 Projects Selected

Agency Status Project
Battle Ground Design Small Cities ATMS
Battle Ground Design Chelatchie Prairie Rail with Trail
Battle Ground Design SW Eaton Boulevard Improvements
Battle Ground Design SE Grace Avenue, Main to Rasmussen
Battle Ground Design SR-502/SR-503 Intersection Improvements
Camas Design NW 38th Avenue
Camas Completed (2020) NW Brady Road Improvements
Camas Completed (2016) NW 38th Avenue/SE 20th Street, Phase 2
Camas Completed (2015) NW 18th Avenue Bike and Pedestrian Trail
Camas Completed (2013) NW 38th Avenue/SE 20th St., Armstrong to 192nd Av.
Clark County Grant Approved System-Wide Signal Enhancement
Clark County Grant Approved Salmon Creek/Hazel Dell Adaptive Signal Operations
Clark County Grant Approved NE 179th Street at 29th and 50th Av.
Clark County Grant Approved Orchards Sifton Adaptive Signals
Clark County Grant Approved Highway 99 Sidewalk (NE 102nd St - NE 104th St)
Clark County Design NE 134th Corridor Adaptive Traffic Signals
Clark County Design NE 68th Street Sidewalk
Clark County Design NE Hazel Dell Avenue Sidewalk
Clark County Design NE 15th Avenue
Clark County Design I-5/NE 179th Street
Clark County Design NE 152nd Avenue, NE Padden Parkway-NE 99th Street
Clark County Design NE 182nd Avenue/NE Risto Road
Clark County Under Construction Highway 99 Corridor Improvements
Clark County Under Construction Signal Timing, Evaluation, Verification, Enhancement - Phase 2
Clark County Under Construction NE 99th Street
Clark County Under Construction NE 10th Avenue, NE 149th St. -NE 154th St
Clark County Completed (2016) Carty Road Reconstruction
Clark County Completed (2018) NE 119th Street (NE 50th Avenue to NE 72nd Avenue)
Clark County Completed (2019) Signal Timing, Evaluation, Verification and Enhancement
Clark County Completed (2015) NE 47th Avenue/NE 78th Street Intersection
Clark County Completed (2016) NE 119th Street (NE 72nd to NE 87th Av)
Clark County Completed (2016) NE 94th Avenue (NE Padden Parkway to NE 99th Street)
Clark County Completed (2015) Highway 99 Traffic Responsive Incident Management
Clark County Completed (2018) Orchards Traffic Signal Optimization
Clark County Completed (2015) Hazel Dell Area Sidewalk
Clark County Completed (2015) Salmon Creek Avenue Path
Clark County Completed (2015) 78th Street Signal Optimization Project
Clark County Completed (2015) Barberton Traffic Signal Optimization
Clark County Completed (2015) Hazel Dell-Felida Traffic Signal Optimization
Clark County Completed (2017) Highway 99 Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements
Clark County Completed (2014) Highway 99 Traffic Signal Optimization
Clark County Completed (2013) Miovision Data Collection
Clark County Completed (2013) NE 10th Avenue (NE 141 to 149th Street)
Clark County Completed (2019) NE 10th Avenue (NE 154 to NE 164th Street)
Clark County Completed (2019) NE 119th Street East
Clark County Completed (2013) NE 119th Street/NE 50th Avenue Intersection
Clark County Completed (2014) NE 88th Street (West)
Clark County Completed (2019) NE Blair Road
Clark County Completed (2014) Timmen Road
Clark County Completed (2019) Working to Refine InteliGent Highway Transportation (WRIGHT)
Clark County Completed (2013) 2010 School Sidewalk Project
Clark County Completed (2013) 2010 Sidewalk Enhancement Project
Clark County Completed (2016) Transportation System Management and Operations, Phase 2
Clark County Completed (2020) Ridgefield Main Avenue Access Improvements
C-TRAN Grant Approved Electric Buses 2016
C-TRAN Grant Approved Electric Buses 2017
C-TRAN Grant Approved Highway 99 Bus Rapid Transit
C-TRAN Design Transit Signal Priority-Highway 99
C-TRAN Design Mill Plain Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
C-TRAN Under Construction Mill Plain TSP Phase II
C-TRAN Completed (2019) Hybrid Buses 2014
C-TRAN Completed (2017) Fourth Plain Bus Rapid Transit
C-TRAN Completed (2017) Fisher's Landing Transit Center Expansion
C-TRAN Completed (2017) Hybrid Buses 2012
C-TRAN Completed (2016) Hybrid Buses 2010
La Center Grant Approved Pacific Highway Shared Use Path
La Center Design 4th Street Widening
La Center Completed (2018) 4th St and Pacific Highway Roundabout
La Center Completed (2014) Aspen Avenue at 18th Street Crosswalk
La Center Completed (2016) LED Signs at Stonecreek and E. 4th Street
Port of Ridgefield Under Construction Pioneer Street Railroad Overpass, Phase 3
Port of Vancouver Grant Approved Renaissance Trail Segment 4
Port of Vancouver Under Construction Columbia River Renaissance Trail Connection
Port of Vancouver Completed (2015) Transit Terminus to Port Center Project
Port of Vancouver Completed (2019) Port Connector Bike/Ped Path
Ridgefield Under Construction Gee Creek Trail-Abrams Park to Heron Drive
Ridgefield Completed (2014) SR-501 Ridgefield Welcome Center
RTC Grant Approved Transportation Data Study
RTC Design Urban Freeway Corridors Operations Study
RTC Design 2020 Regional Household Travel Behavior Survey
RTC Design Active Transportation Plan
RTC Design Columbia Connects Bi-State Study
RTC Design Regional ITS Architecture Study
RTC Design Safety Plans
RTC Completed (2015) Communications Master Plan
RTC Completed (2017) Bus on Shoulder Feasibility Study
Vancouver Design Evergreen Trail
Vancouver Design NW Neighborhood Connectivity Improvements
Vancouver Design Jefferson-Kauffman Realignment Project
Vancouver Right of Way NE 137th Avenue Corridor Completion
Vancouver Right of Way NE 18th Street - NE 97th Av. to NE 107th Av.
Vancouver Under Construction BRT Corridor Fort Vancouver Way/Mcloughlin Sidewalk Infill and Pedestrian Signal Upgrade
Vancouver Under Construction Mill Plain Blvd. - 104th to NE Chkalov Dr.
Vancouver Under Construction Mill Plain Boulevard Arrival on Green Improvement Project
Vancouver Under Construction SE 1st Street, 162nd Av. to 177th Av.
Vancouver Completed (2015) Destination Downtown
Vancouver Completed (2018) 18th Street Improvements - Segment 1B
Vancouver Completed (2017) 162nd Avenue Fiber and Communications Project
Vancouver Completed (2017) Clark County Transportation Demand Management Program
Vancouver Completed (2014) Downtown Vancouver TMA
Vancouver Completed (2018) Fourth Plain Subarea Sidewalk Infill Project
Vancouver Completed (2018) Main St. - Columbia St. Traffic Signal Integration
Vancouver Completed (2013) NE 137th Avenue, 28th St. to 49th St.
Vancouver Completed (2013) Vancouver Bicycle Mobility Program II
Vancouver Completed (2015) Evergreen Highway Trail
Vancouver Completed (2019) Vancouver Waterfront Trail
Washougal Completed (2021) 32nd Street Active Traveler Information Feasibility
Washougal Completed (2018) Evergreen Way/32nd Street Improvements
WSDOT, SW Region Grant Approved SW Washington Regional Signal System
WSDOT, SW Region Grant Approved I-5/NB Fourth Plain On Ramp-Ramp Meter
WSDOT, SW Region Grant Approved SW WA Joint Operations Center
WSDOT, SW Region Design I-205 SB 134th Street to Mill Plain Blvd Ramp Meter
WSDOT, SW Region Design Shared Central Signal Study
WSDOT, SW Region Under Construction Centralized Signal System Enhancements
WSDOT, SW Region Under Construction I-205/NB Mill Plain On-Ramp-Ramp Meter
WSDOT, SW Region Completed (2017) Vancouver Urban ITS Device Infill
WSDOT, SW Region Completed (2018) SR-503, Fourth Plain to Main Street ITS device Infill
WSDOT, SW Region Completed (2018) SR-503 ATIS Infill-I/S Bypass; 4th Plain to Main St. and Signal Study
WSDOT, SW Region Completed (2015) Bi-State Travel Time Project
WSDOT, SW Region Completed (2018) Centralized Signal System-Joint ATMS throughout Clark County
WSDOT, SW Region Completed (2019) SR-14 ATIS Infill: I-5 to Evergreen
WSDOT, SW Region Completed (2016) SR-14 Traveler Information, 164th Av. to NW 6th Av.
WSDOT, SW Region Completed (2016) SR-503 Traveler Information - Incident Management and Communications
Stevenson Design 1st Street Pedestrian Amenities & Overlook
Stevenson Completed (2015) Trail of the Gods
Port of Skamania Completed (2020) Stevenson Waterfront Trail
Skamania County Completed (2013) Bike/Ped Connection To Transit
Klickitat County Completed (2012) Centerville Hwy-Lyle Path, Phase 2
Klickitat County Completed (2015) 6th Street Sidewalk
Clark County Historical Society Completed (2013) Exhibit at Vancouver Depot