Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council

I-205 Access and Operations Study

In November 2014, the RTC Board adopted recommendations to address long and short term roadway improvements and transit operations in the I-205 corridor as well a set of operational policies for regional freeway corridors in the region. These recommendations identified a core set of long term I-205 capital projects for the RTP and a set of near term I-205 operational projects to improve performance and efficiency of the I-205 corridor. These include projects such as ramp metering and improving lane utilization to manage congestion and make better use of existing capacity.

The transit recommendations call for pursuing an I-205 Bus on Shoulder Feasibility Study of the technical, policy engineering opportunities and constraints of bus on shoulder operations in the I-205 corridor. The operational policies adopted by the Board provide guidance for the consideration and evaluation of operational strategies in freeway corridors and guides the implementation of ramp meters.


Roadway Improvements
  • Add 2035 Core Projects into the 2014 RTP as capacity improvements for I-205
  • WSDOT lead to implement short term operational improvements
Transit Operations
  • Bus on Shoulder assessment found time savings, reliability, and improved commuter ridership potential
  • Recommend feasibility study in 2015 to address viability, engineering, costs, and constraints
Operational Policies
  • Policies for regional freeways
  • Analysis factors for considering strategies
  • Implementation policies for ramp metering

Final Report

The I-205 Access and Operations Study Report describing the study process, analysis, and study recommendations is available for download.

Final Report, 1.64MB