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TO: Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council Board of Directors
FROM: Dean Lookingbill, Transportation Director
DATE: April 27, 1999
SUBJECT: Bi-State Transportation Committee, Joint RTC and Metro
Resolution 05-11-99

This item has been carried over from the April RTC Board meeting. The change discussed by the Board has been made in the intergovernmental agreement to include an additional member from Southwest Washington that would represent a small city.


The concept of a Bi-State Transportation Committee was first formally introduced to the RTC Board at their October, 1998 meeting. The Board favored the concept which was subsequently presented to JPACT, who also endorsed the idea. The attachments to this memorandum include a joint resolution between Metro and RTC that establishes the Bi-State Transportation Committee and an Intergovernmental Agreement that specifies the roles and responsibilities of the Bi-State Committee.

The initiation of the bi-state committee concept has resulted from the recognition that while there is a good working bi-state relationship and that both RTC and JPACT share membership, there is not clarity nor a bi-state consensus that identifies a short and long-range strategy for bi-state improvements. The proposed committee would be authorized to address all transportation issues of bi-state significance in the I-5 and I-205 corridors between I-84 in Portland and the junction of I-5 and I-205 in Clark County. This could include multiple modes, maintenance, painting, resurfacing, new construction, corridor studies, and recommendations for short and long range improvement projects. Their charge would be to insure that the needed 1 to 6 year transportation investments are identified and funded and to develop a consensus for a long range set of transportation system improvements and financing plan to meet the bi-state transportation needs.

In summary, action by the RTC Board on the proposed bi-state committee would establish and initiate a focused partnership process in recognition that significant bi-state transportation investment is needed in I-5 and I-205 corridors. Adoption of the joint resolution would establish a Bi-State Transportation Committee of the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT) and RTC to develop recommendations on bi-state transportation issues for JPACT’s and RTC’s consideration. If approval of this resolution occurs, JPACT and the RTC Board would not take action on an issue of major bi-state significance without first referring the issue to the Bi-State Transportation Committee for their consideration and recommendation.

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