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August 25, 2009

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Vancouver, Washington -- In an effort to identify future travel needs and problem areas in the current transportation network, the Clark County Household Travel Survey will begin August 26, 2009. Throughout the three month effort, travel information will be collected from 1,650 households randomly selected from across Clark County. The survey is being funded and administered by the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC), and conducted by NuStats LLC.

Each member of participating households will be asked to record in a travel diary all the locations he/she visited for a scheduled 24-hour period. Information recorded will include the name and address of each location, what he/she did at that location, how he/she got there, and the arrival and departure time for each location.

Because it is not cost effective to survey every household across the region, a representative sample will be used that focuses on the geographic location, household size and the number of household workers. Addresses of those asked to participate in the survey will be randomly selected by computer. Each household asked to participate will represent approximately 95 other households in the study area, making participation crucial to the survey's success.

This survey research is necessary to understand how Clark County residents make travel decisions and how those travel choices play out across our transportation system now and in the future. The information will improve our ability to identify future transportation needs and invest public funds wisely in a system that will support the growth of local jobs and our economy, while maintaining Clark County�s quality of life.

For more information about the survey, please contact Mark Harrington, Southwest Washington RTC, 360-397-6067 ext. 5207 or at, or visit the survey website at


For more information:

Mark Harrington
Regional Transportation Council
1300 Franklin St., 4th Floor
P.O. Box 1366
Vancouver, Washington 98666-1366

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