Regional Transportation Plan

Clark County, Amendments

The RTP for Clark County is updated at least every 5 years but amendments to the Plan are sometimes needed between major updates. RTP amendments are proposed to maintain consistency between federal, state, regional and local plans. The process to amend the RTP is outlined in RTC’s Regional Transportation Plan Amendment Policy and Process adopted by the RTC Board of Directors in April 2020. Steps in the amendment process include review by RTAC, public notification, and adoption by the RTC Board of Directors.

Proposed 2021 RTP Amendments

Proposed 2021 amendments address transportation projects identified in the RTP. WSDOT and Clark County submitted proposed amendments that would remove some RTP projects because of project completion or because of changed priorities and budget. Both WSDOT and Clark County also proposed projects to add into the RTP for Clark County.

A list of proposed RTP amendments submitted by WSDOT and Clark County is available for review.

WSDOT Proposed Amendments
The need to pursue RTP amendments emerged from WSDOT’s practical solutions policy approach looking to provide transportation solutions with lower cost projects. In support of the new policy approach, WSDOT and regional partners coordinated two parallel regional transportation system planning studies which resulted in the project proposals for RTP amendment. The two studies were: Urban Corridor Freeway Operations Study (June 2020) and Vancouver Eastside Highway Operations Study (June 2019).
Clark County Proposed Amendments
Clark County also identified RTP amendments to ensure consistency between the RTP and the County’s updated Capital Facilities Plan (CFP, February 2020).

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Regional Transportation Plan for Clark County, 2019 Update (cover)